Telemedical Innovations Sp. z o.o. and MedApp S.A. – we have signed a cooperation agreement

On September 1, 2021, Telemedical Innovations Sp. z o.o. has signed an agreement with MedApp S.A., the subject of which is cooperation in the integration of our CARDIOVICE ECG Recorder with CarnaLife System software from MedApp S.A. 

CarnaLife System is an advanced telemedical platform with a mobile application that allows a doctor to assess and monitor the health of patients and conduct consultations at any time of the day and anywhere. The application gives unique possibilities to associate medical consultations with in-depth diagnostics – the system is supported by over 20 types of devices enabling remote measurements, such as pulse oximeter, electrocardiograph (ECG), blood pressure monitor, thermometer, scale, auscultation device, and others. The results of the examinations are analyzed 24/7 using AI and Big Data analysis. In the event of deviations from the norm, the system alerts the medical staff who care for a given patient. Thanks to this, safety increases and the patient’s therapeutic results improve. 

CarnaLife System is a module of the CarnaLife analytical telemedical system, which is certified as a medical device supporting diagnostics in II B class. 

MedApp is a technology company listed on NewConnect, whose innovations are revolutionizing the way of diagnosis and treatment. The company offers unique software solutions supporting imaging diagnostics and next-generation digital medicine services, based on artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and 3D imaging solutions. The key products offered by the company are CarnaLife Holo, HoloComm, CarnaLife System, and Digital Clinic. MedApp cooperates with international technology and medical leaders such as Google, Microsoft, GE Healthcare, and Johnson & Johnson, providing its clients with the secure collection, analysis, and visualization of large amounts of data. More information about the company and the innovations it develops is available at and on LinkedIn.