The Telemedical Innovations delegation participated in the Health Business Innovations 2023 conference

Representatives of Telemedical Innovations Sp. z o. o. – Ireneusz Plaza (CEO) and Anna Szymura (specialist in biomedical technologies and project implementation) had the pleasure to take part in the Health Business Innovations 2023 conference – an extraordinary event organized by the Regional Chamber of Commerce in Katowice, the City of Zabrze and Startup City Zabrze 🙌

The participants of the event were the owners and managers of companies on the health market (including medicine, sports, nutrition and all areas that have an impact on health). During the main and networking part of the event, the guests talked about trends, business models and innovations on the broadly understood health market.

In the field of medical devices, the participants had the opportunity to listen to an interesting presentation, during which Arkadiusz Grądkowski – the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for Medical Devices, POLMED Chamber, described in detail the current market of medical devices in Poland – moreover, he compared it to other global markets. During the conference, numerous interesting lectures where given, where issues concerning the use of robots in medicine and the challenges related to the development of medical devices were also raised.

The program of the event involved not only immersive and riveting presentations given and displayed by medical experts specialists, but also a debate entitled “Poland as a production hub for medical for Europe and a human resources base for the health market in Europe”, during which participants were invited to a joint discussion and mutual exchange of their professional experiences.

In the exhibition part, representatives of Telemedical Innovations Sp. z o.o., had the opportunity and pleasure to present the fruit of many years of scientific research and hard work – our innovative solution and technologically advanced device – CARDIOVICE™ – telemedical system using the latest technological achievements, which enables the users of our system to perform the 12-lead ECG examination by themself from any place in the world.

In conclusion, during Thursday’s Health Business Innovations 2023 event:

👉 We had the opportunity to acquire a large dose of substantive, thematic knowledge

👏 We had many inspiring conversations with representatives of various MedTech companies

🤝 We have established a lot of important, promising business contacts that we will certainly use in the future

We would like to thank the organizers of this great event and all its participants!

See you on the next edition of the Health Business Innovations conference!