Telemedical Innovations attended in the Nevada Economic Mission

On June 1-8, 2022, we participated in the Nevada Economic Mission. We were accompanied by, among others, representatives of the Marshal’s Office of the Silesia Voivodeship, representatives of the Upper Silesian Fund S.A., and representatives of companies from the Silesia Voivodeship.

The delegation started in Las Vegas, where we had the opportunity to visit the Hoover Dam as well as the Las Vegas International Innovation Center, where there were company presentations and meetings with Las Vegas authorities and government officials.

In the following days, there were meetings and networking events, where we could exchange a few words with the mayor of Las Vegas, Blackfire business organizations, the general director of the Robinson mine and the mayor of Ely.

On the last day, we visited places such as the InNEVation Center, the Nevada State Parliament, the Nevada Governor’s Economic Development Office (GOED) and the University of Nevada in Reno.

The whole trip was accompanied by the wonderful “Śląsk” Song and Dance Ensemble, which enriched our time with numerous performances.